Blog roll: Posts on leadership

Blog posts I’ve enjoyed recently:

In this post, Deirdre Maloney of Momentum San Diego explores steps on how to make mistakes, or “screw up,” and recover from them graciously. I tend to pick at my mistakes until they’re practically scars, but she has great suggestions on how to own mishaps and move on.

In her insightful post on Feministing, Courtney Martin ponders on whether we give more outgoing girls more credit in leadership roles. She also advocates for expanding our ideas of leadership styles. Susan Cain, who is coming out with a book on introversion in the fall, comments on Courtney’s post and asks, “Does Feminism Make Room for Shy or Introverted Girls?” As an introverted and shy feminist, I appreciate that these writers are asking these questions. I can remember plenty of times in high school in college where I would have loved to point teachers and classmates alike to articles like these.

I leave you with questions:

How do you approach mistakes? How would you like to approach mistakes?

What is your personal definition of leadership?


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