A quote from this past week’s horoscope on this page, that resonated with me: 

(Quote is for Geminis and Gemini Rising. I have Gemini Rising): 

“The most important thing to remember is that we must be willing to walk away from the very thing we fear losing in order for us to know if it is really ours to have.” 

As I sat in a state of tearful crisis in late May, I said that I feared losing everything – what I hoped for, my dreams, everything I had been working for.  If I walked away, I would lose my current living situation, living in community (as I have for the past 2.5 years).  I would risk changing relationships. 

And…I ultimately had to choose to walk away to see where I stood, where I currently stand.  I hope to have the clarity of vision at some point to know what is mine to have.  Uncertainty can be uncomfortable.  I more often sit in uncertainty in the form of indecisiveness.  I’ve made the decision to be with myself.  This feels more like a waiting for the unfolding. 




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