I just watched a roadrunner in the backyard, and then went outside to watch it.  It saw me and ran, but then made a noise and stopped to watch me.  And I stood still, watching it. 

Last night, there was a real storm, the kind where there’s wind and water; lightening and thunder, the kind that leaves a cool breeze behind well through the next day. 

I’ve spent the past few days grappling for hope.  At moments, despair seems to come so easily.  I can stay in bed or dwell on regrets, thoughts that cycle over and over again in my consciousness. 

I could write here about how I turned all my thoughts around and found the shift…but the truth is, there’s an ebb and flow.  There are moments where I don’t see hope.  And then I stand and watch a roadrunner or hear the rain pounding on the roof and I’m brought back to the present moment.  In that moment, I am present.  Here. 


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