On trust.

I’ve been thinking lately about trust:  trusting others, trusting myself, what it takes for me to truly trust someone else.

To gain more insight, I filled in the blank, stream-of-consciousness style.

To me, trust is:

a cousin of faith; at least, a relative.
a knowing.
a series of hoops to jump through.
innate for some. not so much for others.  (not so much for me)
a belief.
something that can be broken or misplaced.
a place to land, a home.
the best friend you can tell anything to.
a caution sign, a door cracked open.
full of building blocks.
a gift.
the opposite of doubt.
a long, deep breath.
woven piece by piece, strand by strand.
sometimes smooth, sometimes jagged.
sharing something personal.
holding hands.
sometimes worth repairing, mending.
an honor.
a space for connection.
steady when fully present.
telling a secret.
an obstacle course.
a riddle I want you to solve.
putting my heart and soul into what I do and say.
giving you the key.
an invitation.
more complex than cliched.
pulling you into the place where I keep my cobwebs and patchwork quilts, and inviting you to stay.
not something you tell me to do.
something that comes from within.
telling you what I really mean.
a commitment.

Dictionary definition:
noun 1. firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.
verb   1. believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of.

What does trust mean to you?

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