A look back on 2014

Highlights by the month:

A fun, playful photo shoot in Balboa Park in January.
Rekindling my relationship with my love in February.
Dressing up as a goddess in March.
Taking walks as refuge in April.
Playing in a freshwater spring in Oregon in May.
Discovering Nia in June.
Reacquainting myself with New Mexico in July.
Starting a new kind of therapy in August.
Hiking down to the river and wading on Labor Day.
Quiet times by myself in early October.
A sweet Thanksgiving with family friends.
Watching manatees the day after Christmas.

Other pieces:

Healing from my surgery – physically, emotionally, energetically.
Working part-time and volunteering full-time.
Struggling with maintaining my own energy and self while in a leadership role.
Crisis and breakdown.
Getting an official diagnosis for and treatment of my depression.
Recognizing that several parts of my life weren’t working.
Realizing (again) that I can’t lay out my life like a blueprint.
Leaving a stage of life, a job, a dream, relationships; leaving my life in San Diego.
Wrestling with grief and loss, guilt and shame.
Returning to New Mexico to rest and recover.
Reconnecting with family and old friends.
Getting the support I needed.
Reclaiming my strong inner world.
Rebuilding my relationship with my love, long-distance.
Playing with wire wrapping jewelry. Painting. Dreaming of new creative projects.
Slowly unraveling patterns of black-and-white thinking.
Finding acceptance in unexpected places.
Gratitude for another chance.


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  1. This is a great idea, closerto’. Emphasizing the positive!


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