Spreading wings with eyes open (poem)

I was sorting through the notes app on my phone, and found this from the Fall of 2013.

Heart hurt
Eyes soft
You motion to me
In my sleep.
I cradle little girl,
Allowing her to rest, to dream
But she also must strengthen and
Spread her wings.

Eyes wide she wakes
Afraid of a world that
Gives and takes,
Afraid of her own
Who are you to take
My comfort away? she asks.
My hands are empty, she says.
My hands are empty.

Every second counts
I spin tales and
Mix dreams.

I am not here to please you.
I am here to build my own web.
Oh goddess, my patience recedes
With the tide.
I am not small
I am so strong,
And I didn’t see it for so long.

If this is the end,
Please give me a
Bright beginning.


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