Friday link roundup 4/24

How to Love Your Highly Sensitive Partner – This is great advice for partners of highly sensitive people – and it may also be helpful for someone with a close friend who is a HSP.

It would be so cool to stumble on urban geodes while walking the streets of L.A.

Another post by Glennon Doyle Melton of Momastery.  This one’s on the importance of feeling pain.  I can definitely relate, as I have often tried to push my pain away.  That hasn’t been the most effective approach for me and I’m working on shifting the pattern.  As much as it can hurt, I think it’s better to feel it.

A quote from Courtney E. Martin’s article from On Being:  “But there is another kind of listening, a listening that we neglect at our own peril, that is not about getting some particular place, but simply about witnessing another human being.”


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  1. What a great quote


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