Letter to self

Dear Self,

I want to tell you never have to go through that exact experience again.  You are brave for having lived through it. You faced severe depression and suicidal thoughts. You had a night where you didn’t care what you took or did. It’s been almost a year. You made it through.

Not everyone understood. They may have given you misguided advice and misinterpreted what you were experiencing. Trust that you know your own experience and your own truth. Others discouraged you from sharing about the one of the most significant health crises of your life with people you care about. That couldn’t have helped anyone, and contributed towards your silence and depression.  You made the courageous choice to leave, even though it was heartbreaking.  It was also the most powerful and supportive choices you could have made at the time.

I know that you want to hear that you will never be in another situation where someone asks you to do something that compromises your values. I can’t guarantee that. I can tell you that if it happens again, you now have the tools to stand up for yourself, to say no with strength and integrity.

You have grown a lot. You have gone from facing a life-sucking depression to embracing your passion. I love seeing you be creative. I know that art has always called to you. I’m glad you are listening. You have re-embraced the steadiness and compassion of a man who loves you for who you are. You are allowing yourself to fully love him in return, and you are dedicated to building and growing your relationship. You are finding community, even though you feared you’d never find one again. You are learning. You are healing.

I want to tell you that you are strong. You are learning how to cope in a society, in a world, that sometimes tells you to be something – someone – you are not. Be you. Trust in yourself. Find your own rhythm. You’ve got this.


One response to this post.

  1. Very inspirational. I think I might try writing a letter to myself very soon. I think I need one. 🙂


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