Friday link roundup 5/15


“Keep doing what you’re doing.  You’re on the right track.”  On serendipity.

Encouragement for creative types amidst discouragement from others.   (I keep posting articles from Pyragraph.  I really like the site).

How to tell if you’re in a high fantasy novel.  As an avid reader and creative thinker, I enjoy how playful this is.

108 wants by Tanya Lee Markul of Rebelle Society.  This might inspire me to write my own list.

On understanding the body language of cats.  I’m more of a cat person, and I appreciate how this addresses some misunderstandings about cats.

Lisa Frank merchandise was all the rage when I was a pre-teen.  And now here’s another take on it:  A feminist Lisa Frank tumblr. 

On a personal, non-link-related note, I’m off to San Diego for a few days for the first time since last June.   I’m nervous about potentially facing some of the reasons that I left.  I’m excited to see my love.  So, here’s to a good trip, and to facing the unknown with courage.


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