Choosing love.

“I could live without my wife,” my friend said to me.  “But I don’t want to.  She makes my world better.”

Over a year later, her words still linger with me.  At the time, I had been determined to try being single.  Around three months before this conversation, I had broken up with my partner of nearly six years.  It’s true, we had our problems.  And we still loved each other.

I’m not going to going into the story of we got back together right now.  Even as we grew closer, I decided to move away from the city where he still lived so I could address my own healing. I also realized that I didn’t want to lose him.  I was severely depressed, and it was challenging to make any decisions.  But I made those.  

We have worked hard for our relationship, learned new ways to communicate long-distance.  We have addressed past hurts, and we are more open than ever before.  We are also more playful and expressive and loving with each other.  We visit each other whenever we can.  I miss him, and I look forward to the time we can live together again.

I could live without him.  But I choose not to.  He helps make my world brighter.

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