Ignoring your passion…. (on a quote and context)

A friend of mine saw a quote on someone’s Facebook page:
“Ignoring your passion is slow suicide.”

As someone who has experienced profound (and related) grief, she felt triggered. As someone who has contemplated suicide, I found it triggering, too.

I certainly am in favor of people following their dreams whenever possible. I have certainly experienced suffering when I have resisted following my passions. But I find this a strange way to say it. I’ve also heard similar expressions: “If I can’t do this, then I might as well die or kill myself.” “I was slowly killing myself.”

Some people may mean this more metaphorically. However, others may mean it literally and it may be a warning sign.

For myself, I might change this quote to say: Ignoring your passion is harmful to your spirit. Give yourself permission to follow your dreams. Pursue your passions. Go where your heart leads you.

Maybe my rewrite doesn’t have the same effect or impact as the original. But it certainly works better for me.


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