Personal work vision cover letter

I’m trying out the whole artist entrepreneur thing right now, but I still sometimes look at job postings.  Many of them seem to be seeking a certain type:  Outgoing.  Self-starter.  Multi-tasker. Team Player.  Works well in a high stress fast-paced environment.  These terms lose meaning after a while.

Awhile back, I played with the idea of an honest cover letter.  What would happen if I wrote what I was thinking in response to a listing, rather than trying to present myself to fit into the mold of a position?  Here’s what I came up with.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am an introverted, highly sensitive intelligent woman seeking work that makes sense for this time in my life. I am looking for a job that will supplement my income as an artist and jeweler.

I am familiar with both Apple computers and PCs.  I have experience with Microsoft Office and Salesforce.  I am a fast typist.  I put 50+ WPM on my resume, but the last typing test I took online registered me at 65 WPM.  I have basic Photoshop and WordPress skills and want to learn more. As part of my art business, I am currently learning how to effectively use social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, and I would like to use these developing skills in a work environment.

I do not believe that multi-tasking is an effective way to get things done. I can switch gears if need be but I cannot effectively do multiple things at once.  I would rather be thorough than feel scattered.  I see a lot of descriptions for jobs that include a “fast-paced” work environment, and I’d prefer a place where I can catch my breath and take breaks. This also would help me concentrate and finish projects more effectively.

While I enjoy helping people, I wouldn’t consider myself outgoing.  I enjoy sharing my ideas and take time to think things through.  I am detail-oriented, conscientious, and caring.  While I have worked in nonprofits for years, I am open to other types of organizations as long as the environment supports its employees.  I’d like to believe in the mission of the organization, too.

I have leadership experience, and I prefer to work in collaboration with others.  I have co-facilitated classes on personal growth and aspire to teach dance and art someday.

I am creative and artistic.  I am an excellent writer and editor.  My creativity also means that I enjoy tackling problems and creating new systems.  Sometimes I think the phrase “out of the box” is over-used, but it does describe me – I don’t like thinking in one way, and often I seek unusual solutions.

I don’t want a job that asks me to pretend and be someone I’m not.  The “fake it until you make it” philosophy doesn’t work for me.  I certainly can rise to the occasion when needed, but I can’t do it all the time.  I crave authenticity and honesty and would love to work with people who value these qualities as well. I am hard-working and dedicated when I believe in what I’m doing.

I love learning.  I am curious, passionate, and an excellent student.  Even if I don’t fit all your qualifications from the start, I thrive when challenged and learn quickly.

Thank you for your consideration.


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