Friday link roundup 6/12

Storm Haruki Murakami Quote

On how forcing a child to hug someone might affect them. I appreciate this from a feminist perspective. I also appreciate this because, as a child, I often backed away if people I barely knew tried to hug me. My parents didn’t force the issue. I’m really glad they didn’t.

As the Women’s World Cup goes on: On Marta Neymar, one of the best soccer players in the world, and how she struggles to find a financially solvent team to play on.

I found this perspective on fitness refreshing.

This article explores whether back pain is more of a Western cultural phenomenon, and why people in indigenous cultures may have fewer back problems.

Ever feel like other people (primarily men) are taking up too many seats or too much space on public transportation? A woman reflects on her problem-solving techniques to address this issue.


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