Friday link roundup 7/10


Janelle Silver creates positive reminders for those who experience anxiety, including illustrated zines with uplifting messages and temporary tattoos that say things like, “Breathe,” and “You are Loved,” and “Be Kind to Yourself.”  Her Etsy sales have increased due to the popularity of this article.

Have you ever had someone tell you can (or should) choose to be happy?  Why Happiness Isn’t Always a Choice.

This article made me want a sensory room of my own.

Are empathetic people’s brains physically different?  Researchers weigh in.  

As an AmeriCorps Alum (two terms!), I believe in AmeriCorps’ positive impact on communities, organizations, and members.  The funding is again being threatened.  Why AmeriCorps Deserves the Nation’s Full Support.

If you have time and are curious about Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), here is Marsha Linehan’s PowerPoint from the NAMI conference.


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