Friday link roundup 7/17


How Mary Oliver’s Poem “When Death Comes” helped a suicidal teenager find meaning in life.   Her letter to Mary Oliver, which won an award in the Library of Congress’ Letters about Literature contest.

Ways to Be an Ally for Someone Who Has A Mental Illness:  advice from people who have mental illnesses.

A sensory playground:  a ball pit that adults can play in!  If you’re in D.C. between now and September 7th, this might be worth a visit.

The Transformation of Amy Lunaro:  a novel by written by Sarah Durham Wilson that’s being posted in serial fashion on Rebelle Society.  It’s a story about one woman’s transformation and finding herself.  I look forward to reading the new installment most Mondays.   Here is the link to the first chapter.

BookTrib describes itself as a “lifestyle destination for book lovers.”  It combines articles and commentary on books, television and film, and popular culture.  

This one has been shared a lot this week, and I think it’s worth sharing again:  “I, Racist.”

Harper Lee’s book “Go Set a Watchman” makes important – and perhaps shocking – revelations about long beloved characters. I haven’t read it yet, but I find it fascinating to watch how people are responding.  From NPR: Go Set A Watchman is a Revelation on Race Not a Disappointment.

Recycling Demystified:  a recycling plant operations director in Maryland answers questions about recycling.

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