Friday link roundup 7/24

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I made this as a reminder for myself. It will also be useful the next time someone attempts to tell me (with authority) what my experience is.

17 Offbeat Ways People Relieve their Anxiety.  I’m not sure if I personally would use a Taylor Swift song to alleviate my anxiety, but I might use other music.  Coloring definitely helps me, although I tend to color my own doodles.

This is not a new piece, but I’d only heard of spoon theory in passing (enough to ask, “why is she talking about how many spoons she has?”).   I realize that I definitely plan and calculate my days and weeks based on how much energy an activity might take and how much that might cost me in the long run.

A similar analogy – but using banking as a metaphor – in terms of sensory processing disorder.

A floating library on a lake in Minnesota. Yes, you do need a boat to get there.

An Iraqi singer/performer uses her voice to speak (sing) against violence and terrorism.

I’m about to go to a weeklong intensive Nia training.  In honor of that, I’m posting one woman’s story about mental illness and how Nia helped her.  After today, I will not be posting for the next week or so, but should be back in early August.

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  1. Ive nominated you for an award on my blog – check it out 😊😊😊


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