Transitioning between

Difficulty with transitioning between activities, places, people
I thought about this before I checked it off in my initial sensory processing inventory.  As I observe and learn more, I realize that it’s often true for me.

I noticed it during my Nia White Belt training:  For example, during a break, one of my classmates was interested in buying one of my pendants.  When we went back to class, I found I was still processing that interaction.   It was almost as if I was still in previous activity and I struggled to focus in the present one.

It was challenging to go from my training graduation, going back to shower, and then going the celebration dinner and then packing and leaving Santa Fe, all in a matter of hours.
Next time I do an intensive training, I want to spend at least an extra night and day to pack and decompress a little before leaving.

I know more is going on – a healing, an expanding, greater access to my intuition and energetic sensitivity.  My heightened sensitivities and my sensory processing issues can overlap – I am both overwhelmed and more open.

I love the concept of natural time, which is part of Principle 2 of Nia, of all happening in its own time, its own evolution.
While sometimes I feel like going ahead, full force, there is no time limit on integration, on learning, or on healing.


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