Friday link roundup 9/4

"Southwestern Heart" - painting/print in acrylic., 2015.

“Southwestern Heart” – painting/print in acrylic., 2015.

On what emotions might inspire creativity.

On the power of play and ways to re-discover it.

On valuing failure rather than perfection, and teaching students what they can learn from it.

From Alternet:  A selection of poems about Relationships, Desire, Loss…and More.

Brené Brown’s new book, Rising Strong.  is about falling and failing, and the process of rising again.  She says “It is an act of compassion to love yourself” through it all.  More here.

In 1917, the tallest mountain in North America was officially dubbed “Mt. McKinley.”  The native Alaskans have always called it Denali, which means “The Great One” in Athabaskan.  There have been multiple efforts and disputes for years to officially restore the name.  Now, Obama has issued a presidential order to restore the name Denali to the mountain on a federal level. Also, there have been different kinds of responses to this on Twitter and elsewhere, as reported here.


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