Deciding to live again: My love.

This post is dedicated to my partner, my love,

The man who held me fiercely when I tried to grab for anything that would hurt me
Who stayed with me that night until someone else could come to help
Who visited me at the hospital
Who expressed that my life was precious to him

Who forgives me and gave me another chance
after I hurt him

Who was willing to have a long-distance relationship so I could do what I needed to heal
and in turn, work on our relationship, learn to communicate better, and also create a more balanced life for himself

Who has stood by me for years, even in the midst of meltdowns, shutdowns, and breakdowns

Who listens
who laughs and plays with me
encourages my dreams and
is willing to dance with me

While ultimately, I choose to live as myself, for myself,
to have this abundance of love and connection with
this person who has held a torch for me at times when
I could not see the light
has been incredible.


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