Deciding to Live Again: The Impact of Blogging

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At times in my life, I have struggled with sharing deeply.   Writing in my blog has been a way of getting it out there, the raw emotion, the fear, throwing away my tendency towards self-censorship, piece by piece.  It helps me let go of things I hold onto too tightly.  It helps me sort out new developments in my life, as I learn more about myself and gain awareness about my mental health and sensory issues.  Blogging has helped me hone my writing skills, to express myself clearly and succinctly.  It also gives me a sense of purpose.    In the past year, I have gone from posting occasionally to posting several times a week.

Reading others’ blogs has helped me, too.  The experience of reading something and saying, “hey, me, too,” has been such a relief and comfort.  Depression and my inner critic often lie and say, “You are alone.  You are the only one.  No one else will understand.”  The blogging community disproves those kinds of thoughts:  I am far from alone.  It is also encouraging and inspiring to see you all out there, overcoming obstacles, expressing yourselves, and spreading awareness.

Thank you for being out there, for reading, for sharing yourselves.  It means a lot.

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    Eloquently put some of the reasons why I blog also.


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