Friday link roundup 9/25

Lighting a fire to welcome fall in.

Lighting a fire to welcome in Fall.  Photo Credit:  Mine. 

The Fall Equinox was on Wednesday, marking a turn towards shorter days in the Northern Hemisphere.  For those who might want to celebrate Fall through gatherings and rituals, from Gratitude Circles to Tarot Card Readings, this article from Nylon has several good tips.

A photographer’s series of surreal self-portraits.

A Dear Daughter letter:  A heartfelt letter to girls of the world and anyone who needs an inspiring message about worthiness.

From The Mighty:  18 messages for people who view medicating mental illness as a weakness.  Based on their own experiences, people give advice to those who might benefit.

Why it Concerns Me When You Say You’re a Little Bit OCD:  a woman with OCD shares how using OCD as a catchphrase increases stigma about this mental illness.

Punk band Bikini Kill is re-issuing their demo tape, originally from 1991.  Bassist Kathi Wilcox reflects on the experience.

It’s Bisexual Visibility Week, and Angela from the musical duo The Doubleclicks shared her own experience here.  If you’re curious about their music – they often play at comic conventions and the like – visit their website here.


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  1. Thanks for the great links! Awesome! XX


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