Friday link roundup 10/2

Fall Colors, September 2015

Fall Colors, September 2015

September was Suicide Prevention Awareness month.  Now that September has ended, awareness still needs to continue.  For me, my experience in a psychiatric hospital was helpful:  it gave me a break from my stressful life, and it also made me realize how I was really doing and that I really needed to prioritize my mental health. However, I wouldn’t want to go back. I know that others have had experiences at hospitals that did not serve them.  Huffington Post on why our approach to suicide prevention needs to change.

Glennon Doyle Melton on sliding back into anxiety and depression and coming back out again.

5 Myths that can get in the way of self-compassion.

Navajo Nurse Midwives in New Mexico plan to open the first Native American Birth Center.  Excited to see this happening in my home state!

An interview with Sarah Durham Wilson, who writes under the penname of DOITGIRL and co-leads workshops on healing and uncovering the feminine.  Quote from interview:  “You’re your greatest healer.  No one knows you or your own soul or heart or body better than you.  Just take time to listen in.  You’re it.  You hold the key, no one else.  There’s no one way to live or be.  Defy convention, be your own invention, and trust yourself like crazy.”

October is Sensory Awareness Month.  Rachel S. Schneider is posting a fact about Sensory Processing Disorder on her blog Facebook page, Coming to My Senses, every day this month.  This past week, The Mighty posted 22 Truths People Affected by Sensory Processing Disorder Wish Others Understood.


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