Friday link roundup 10/16

“maybe it’s simply the act of getting up one more time. that maybe that’s all you need to do… that’s all you can do… and maybe that one act repeated over and over again pumps your heart back to life.”  —terri st. cloud, bone sigh arts

(original print here).

According the the Smithsonian Magazine, ancient women artists may have done a majority of cave art painting.

An article from Salon by a woman who has been bullied for being thin.  From The Mighty:  an article by a woman who was told by a stranger at a restaurant to stop eating.  I am sure there are more articles like these out there from women of all shapes and sizes.  My response to these:  please don’t tell women they need to eat more or less based on the way they look or how much they weigh.  Don’t judge them.  You don’t know their stories.

From The Mighty:  Imagining a world without mental illness stigma.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine now defines addiction as a brain disorder rather than a behavioral issue.

Spring Awakening, a musical (and originally, a play) about repressed adolescents in the late 1800s, has returned to Broadway.  This time, it has returned with a twist – the main cast members are deaf and the production includes sign language.

Mary Oliver is one of my favorite poets.  I love how she weaves words and makes connections between life and nature.  An excerpt from her new book of poetry, Felicity.

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