Thoughts on self-empowerment

I believe self-empowerment can’t be sold
it is something one can encourage in another
teach tools, methods, and approaches;
I can find inspiration and guidance in the lines of a book
but it is not something someone else can directly give.

I believe self-empowerment
comes from within
to believe in one’s own power
power defined from within
not some outer source.
it needs to be feed, cultivated.

For me,
I feel most empowered
I am in my body
feet on the ground
doing art
sensing energy
speaking my truth

In this place,
I may still feel fear;
it does not overwhelm me.
I may still care what others say
I consider it, measure it
instead of absorbing it.
I advocate for myself, not on defense
sharing with arms open.

There is not one path towards empowerment
What worked for you
May not work for me
I would still love to hear your story.

When do you feel most empowered?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Really identified with this. I feel most empowered when I am overcoming any kind of resistance – wether that would be something external or internal. The feeling of rising above adversity is the most enjoyable to me.


  2. Really identified with this. Like you I feel most empowered when I am present in my body and grounded. XX


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