Imagining a future home

I am dreaming…

Of a house in the countryside. Maybe it is at the very edge of a city, so I’ll have access to art, theater, and music. I can still spend my days in relative quiet and easily get out to nature.

We have a porch swing on our front patio, and a rope swing hanging from the tree in the front yard. I use the porch swing for gentle rocking, for cuddling with my love; the rope swing’s purpose is for more vigorous swinging when I need that kind of stimulation.

I have a studio that is both art room and sensory room. I have an art desk with a large surface and plenty of drawer and storage space for all my supplies. In the other half of the room is space for dancing and movement. There’s a basket full of sensory toys, from therapy putty to weights to a bag of soft fabrics. In one corner, there is a mini trampoline.

My love has an office to work on his own projects. We often spend time together in the living room, curled up on the couch together, reading or talking. Our cat sometimes joins us.

In our room, I have a small altar, decorated with candles, stones, and a vase with fresh flowers. There, I sit and do my mindfulness practice every morning.

In the backyard, we have a wildflower garden. I love going out there and taking pictures of the flowers, and I pick a few fresh ones for my altar.

I dream of a home
a place to retreat, to rest
a place to share love
a place to be.


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