Friday link roundup 10/23

News from the Twitter-verse: If We Gave Fathers the Same Advice We Gave Working Mothers.

A study suggests that many men are threatened by intelligent women.

A U.S. company that runs the ads in the New York subway system turns down ads for Thinx menstrual underwear, claiming certain parts of the ad were “racy” and “suggestive.”

A Target ad shows that Halloween is for children of all abilities.

Madness Radio:  a mental health and mental illness resource, full of interviews, stories, and different perspectives.

A Madness Radio interview with peer advocate Dina Tyler about her own lived experience and perspective on psychosis.

One of Dina Tyler’s projects is the Bay-area based Mandala Project, which has alternative programs for people experiencing psychosis.


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  1. I love the artwork by the grieving mother.


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