My own magic.

I remember when I stopped believing in the tooth fairy.  I already had my suspicions about the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. I had loved the magic of it all, and I clung to it as long as I could, even when I heard the whispers of my elementary school classmates.  I used to write notes to the tooth fairy along with my tooth.  One day, I found one of the notes on the television.  The real tooth fairy would have made the note disappear, I thought.

A year and a half ago, I grew skeptical of the philosophy behind a program I loved.  I remember listening to people talk and it seemed like I was hearing them speak from a great distance.  What were they saying, what were they really saying?  I wondered.  I had loved the magic of the self-transformation model, the rituals, the community.  But as I listened, it was as if the fairy dust had been removed.  I desperately tried to unearth the magic again, to use the principles I had learned.  While I realized there was value in them, they no longer fit me.

In a way, I still believe in magic.  It doesn’t involve flourishing a wand or making miracles happen.  It’s in the energy of life.  It’s in the moment when I’m standing in the Nia studio and it feels like I’m holding the energy in the room as I guide people through the movements.  It’s in seeing the light on the clouds in the early morning light.  It’s in stopping to appreciate the natural beauty of the world.  It’s in creating pieces of art and jewelry out of simple materials.  There is magic behind healing on my own terms, in creating my own rituals and my own life.


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  1. Love how you put your thoughts in the last paragraph — magic, indeed. Thought you’d enjoy my blog, where I’ve taken to figuring out how to find the Magic, as you say. I’ve come up with some strategies that have really helped.


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