Friday link roundup 10/30

Quote given to me by a friend. Inspiring.

Quote given to me by a friend. Inspiring and an excellent reminder.

Have you ever had someone tell you “everything happens for a reason”?  Here’s an excellent and powerful blog post that argues against that idea and discusses the grieving process.

“My disability has no impact on my intelligence. My wheelchair has no impact on my beauty. They are a part of me, but they do not take away from anything that I am; if anything, they only enhance it.”  — Karin Hitselberger in her article No, I Am Not ‘Too Pretty to Be in a Wheelchair.’

A woman with cerebral palsy shares her experiences with dating and desiring sexual intimacy.

NPR is doing a series of articles on 15-year-old girls and what they face throughout the world.  #15Girls.

When put under pressure, feminine product makers finally disclose ingredients.

China ends its one-child policy.

As a young child, I despised messages that Barbies were “supposed” to be for girls and cars for boys.  I’m so glad to hear that more businesses are stepping away from gender-specific toys and labels.   

Outdoor gear and equipment store REI opts to close on Black FridayAnnouncement on their website.

Archaeologists unearthed a grave in southeastern Greece that might give more clues about ancient civilizations.

From the New York Times Op-Ed section:  Where are Black Children Safe?

I just saw a local production of the play.  Rocky Horror turns 40.


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