Emily McDowell Studio: blending humor and compassion

Note:  this is not a promotion.  I just love this artist’s work.  If it inspires you to purchase something, then great.  If not, I hope you enjoy this post anyway.

I first became aware of Emily McDowell through reading about her cards, specifically this one:

there is nobody..

She has a sense of humor with a bite of truth to it.   I find her inspiring because her messages don’t sugar-coat things, and if they seem to in the beginning, they often will point out how blatant the sugar-coating is in the end.
you can do it!

I laughed so hard when I saw this tote bag, which should make sense to any cat lover.

I love cats

A meercat birthday card!
meercat birthday

I really appreciate her empathy cards, which have messages geared towards serious illness and loss.  They don’t have the typical sympathetic messages of “Get Well Soon” or “Sorry for your loss.”  These empathy cards can be both warm and honest, and may also bring humor to times when laughter often seems out of the question.


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