Friday link roundup 11/6

I really appreciate this quote I found on Instagram.

Brutally honest illustrations on what it’s like to be an adult.

What not to say to people in crisis – and some tips on what could help most.

“So we must now ask ourselves, why is it so unexpected to see a woman defined first and foremost by her formidability, and not her sexuality?”  A discussion of how the Rolling Stone cover featuring Adele challenges the status quo of how women are portrayed in the media.

This article from Everyday Feminism talks about consent on a a larger scale:  Practice Consent Beyond Sex.

Michelle Obama discusses her Let Girls Learn initiative and the importance of girls’ education worldwide.

With the change in ownership, The National Geographic Society has the biggest number of layoffs in its history.

The Cook Inlet Tribal Council in Alaska decided they wanted to make a video game starring an indigenous character.  They collaborated with a Seattle-based video game company; the result, Never Alone, looks stunning


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