Friday link roundup 11/13

Deanna Zandt – media technologist, author, and speaker – created a comic essay about her journey with depression:  Meditation vs. Medication: Facing Depression.   I relate to her exploration of using multiple holistic methods to help her manage her moods until even those weren’t enough.

“According to their Facebook page, ‘Guerrilla Grafters is a grassroots group that sees a missed opportunity for cities to provide a peach or a pear to anyone strolling by. Their objective is to restore sterile city trees into fruit-bearers by grafting branches from fertile trees. The project may not resolve food scarcity, but it helps foster a habitat that sustains us.’ Their mission, they say is to make delicious, nutritious fruit available to urban residents through these grafts.”  More about the San Francisco-based Guerrilla Grafters movement here.

When I first told a friend about my sensory processing disorder diagnosis, she responded with “I realized recently that not everyone processes everything the same.  I wish I had known this sooner.”  Temple Grandin discusses the importance of different kinds of thinkers and a new approach for thinking about thinking.

I see this as hitting more of the mainstream:  An article from the U.S. News & World Report about children and sensory processing disorder.

As time goes by, more and more Native languages are on the brink of extinction.  An 81-year-old-woman, the last fluent speaker of the Wukchumni language, created a dictionary of her tribes’ language and is actively working to teach younger generations.

A discussion of systemic racism on college campuses.  A recounting of the recent events at Mizzou and their connection to the past.


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