Friday link roundup 11/20

The attacks in Paris and the after effects have been forefront in the news. I’m highlighting these two articles:

“I don’t have the answers to ISIS, or how to defeat them. But I do know this: at the end of the day, love and unity will have the victory. If we are to get there, we have to remain fully human.” ~  Omid Safi: Where Does It Hurt, O City of Light.

 Six keys to understanding ISIS’ apocalyptic vision. This article sheds light on the group’s beliefs and goals.  Ideally, this knowledge would better inform politicians and others on how to respond to the attacks.

Two women, both icons in their own right, discuss feminism and the fight for women’s rights:  An interview with Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Gloria Steinem.

A journalist’s story on how switching to a charter high school – which did not allow bullying – saved her life and gave her the opportunity to thrive.

A North Carolina high school has a pantry where disadvantaged students can get food, clothing and other necessities.

While this article is from two years ago, from what I can see, this K-8 school in Roxbury, Masschusetts continues to thrive.  A principal fired security guards in order to to hire art teachers and turned the school around.


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