My heart aches.

As a child,
I was afraid of evil.
I was afraid of people hurting other people.
I fiercely wanted to believe that people had good intentions
wondered why would someone would want to harm another

I learned to be less naïve
more cautious
more cynical
to minimize my sensitivity
shield myself as much as possible

I still kept my idealism close
I wanted a world that was more

When I hear the news
the number of
mass atrocities
My heart aches.

The little girl in me wants someone to tell her it will all be okay.
I don’t know what to say to her.
It will and it won’t?

when I hear news like this
I don’t want to engage with a world
where these things happen
I dream of curling up
inside a warm cocoon

and yet
I can’t totally insulate myself
I want to connect
I want to do something
my reach might be smaller than I once hoped but
it’s still there.

I find it challenging to
market my art for holiday sales or
write about my personal journey
when there’s so much going on outside.
I know I can
appreciate what I have
and mourn
all at once.

I take a deep breath
breath I have
in this body and country
I live in

I don’t have to absorb the troubles of the world
but I can be aware

I will do what I can
take care of myself
dream of change
hold my inner child close.

One response to this post.

  1. I liked your poem. I could relate. XX


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