Moments I want to remember from the past week.

After my Nia class ended, the other women talk about their experiences with menopause. The youngest of them is 20 years older than me. “Don’t listen,” one of them tells me, “You have many years to go.”
“I hope I reach menopause naturally,” I say, thinking of my one remaining ovary.

Monday night:
I listen to people tell stories.

One couple talks about their recent trip to Sedona. On one of their hikes, they met a retired biologist who talked about climate change and how much the earth has changed in the last 150 years. He said something about the designation of a new geological age related to the effects of humans. The era of humans, he said, looking out at layers of rock around them, may be marked by a thin layer of plastic.

Another woman, a poet, talks about how she apprenticed with Allen Ginsberg in the late 1970s. She was one of five apprentices that summer – four men, one woman. She cooked meals for him and his colleagues and listened to them discuss poetry. She typed out Ginsberg’s poems. She learned more about writing, about editing, about criticism. She watched as he took others’ words as feedback no matter what tone of voice they used.

The poet mentions – with the humble disclaimer that she doesn’t like to name drop – that artist Georgia O’Keefe once told her something she carries with her to this day: [paraphrased] “If I every think one of my pieces is perfect, I will stop painting. Imperfection keeps me going.”

Last Wednesday:
The women in Nia gather around me, looking at my engagement ring, talking about throwing a wedding shower. One of my teachers says she might create a love mix for class someday in honor of me and my fiancé. I blush, embarrassed and flattered. “You know we mean well,” she says. “We’re like your older sisters.”


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  1. All great moments loved reading about them all! What is Nia? x


    • Nia is a kind of dance fitness that combines martial arts, healing arts (like yoga), and dance arts (e.g. modern dance). I’m completely in love with it – I find it whimsical and fun.


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