Friday link roundup 12/11

This article discusses the difficulty the concept of positive thinking may pose to people with disabilities.

The first time I heard the question of “Which pronouns do you prefer?” was in late college (over ten years ago).  This article discusses the continual emergence and advocacy of non-binary pronouns.

From Buzzfeed:  11 Things People with Anxiety Want You to Know.

I think this list of 15 things to do if you’re having a bad day is excellent.  Several of the items are DBT PLEASE skills ( taking care of your mind and emotions by taking care of your body:  focusing on sleep, exercise, etc).

Brené Brown, through her COURAGEWORKS courses, is offering a free online course called The Anatomy of Trust.  On Facebook she wrote, “While maintaining trust is critical in every aspect of our lives, we struggle with how to talk about it. When we say ‘I just don’t trust you’ to someone, it rarely helps.”

Looking for a gift for someone who needs the gift or relaxation?  Go here.  I think many of the gifts would be appropriate for the sensory sensitive. There are definitely times I wouldn’t mind having a tent around my bed.




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