“You are going to be okay…”

you are going to be okay

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In the past, my conception of “being okay” more or less meant that things were going as planned.  It meant I was growing and progressing in the way I wanted.  It meant I was excelling. It meant that even if I stumbled, I could get back up again, smoothly and quickly.  It mean I could manage my moods. It meant I knew what the next steps in my life might be.

I now realize:  my “okay” isn’t dependent on future goals.  It’s important to me to believe in a future and have dreams and hopes.  However, it can be risky to believe my well-being is contingent on what I am working towards.  I can’t plan out exactly how my life will unfold.  It’s not helpful for me to invest a majority of my current energy on the future.

My okay resides in the present and in tending to the present.  I also know it’s fine not to feel or be okay in the moment if that’s where I am at.

Right now, in this particular moment, it is okay.  I am okay.  It does not look how I once imagined.  I am so grateful for that.



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  1. Excellent! Agreed!


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