2015: Highlights and Wins

In 2015, I…

Got my Nia White Belt, and met amazing people during the training. Since then, I’ve taught several songs.   I hope to teach my first full class in early 2016.  Through Nia, I continue to connect more to my body, and teaching helps me be more present in myself.  I have found a true sense of community with my fellow classmates and teachers.

Learned I have Sensory Processing Disorder, which explains so much about my experiences and how I react to certain stimuli.  It’s been incredibly validating. I’ve been learning new tools to self-regulate and going to occupational therapy.  Through this knowledge, I’ve been learning how to advocate for myself in a new way. I also found a supportive online community of adults with SPD. 

Got engaged! My fiancé and I have continued to deepen our relationship, and are more connected than ever. I am so grateful to have him in my life.  We are playful and silly at times; affectionate; good conversation partners; and have demonstrated that we’re willing to go through the tough times, too.  We’ve been together for roughly eight years now and hope for many more. 

Started my jewelry and art business, opening my Etsy shop and attending several craft fairs. I now have over 800 followers on Instagram, and over 300 on Facebook.  I’ve been growing my artistic skills and learning how to market my work.  It’s been gratifying to make some money doing what I love. 

Traveled to British Columbia, Washington State, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Arizona (the Grand Canyon and Sedona).  I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to travel to these places and be with people I love.

Graduated from my DBT group.  I’m so glad I did this program – it has been both practical and illuminating.  I connected with my fellow group members, practiced skills (even when I dreaded them), and learned more about how I think and feel.  I’m now making more conscious choices about how I react and interact.   In May, I celebrated one year since my inpatient hospitalization. I am grateful for all the support I have received and how hard I have worked to get to where I am now.

Wrote regularly in this blog, gaining over 100 followers.  This has truly become a great forum to share my thoughts, insights, my healing process, interesting links, etc.  I appreciate you all reading.  I have learned a lot from you, too.

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