Friday link roundup 1/1

Happy New Year!

Looking for something new to read?  NPR shares their best books of 2015.

I used to work in the nonprofit sector, and know many people who still do.  Lessons for the nonprofit sector from 2015.

15 remarkable women of color who rocked 2015.

Looking to for ways to declutter?  This site has a calendar with suggestions.  Personally, I might work better with weekly goals (or maybe several times a week) instead of daily ones.   They recommend taking around 15 minutes each day for the tasks.

Items for girls and women – everything from razors to toys – generally cost more than those made for men.

In his recent book, author Colin Woodard breaks down the United States into 11 individual cultural regions/nations.

A teenager girl who was sent home for her outfit returned to school wearing a shirt with poignant statements.

This article responds to people who complained about minorities being leads and heroes in popular culture films:  What to do when you’re not the hero anymore

A reflection on New Year’s resolutions and creating attainable goals. 



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