Friday link roundup 1/8



illustration by Emily McDowell

An interview with Jennifer Pastiloff.  This article describes her as a “self-described Rule-Breaker, Shame-Buster, BeautyHunter, LipReader, WayMaker, TruthTeller, and Bullshit-Eliminator.”  She discusses vulnerability, sharing her story, and teaching others.

How Friendships Change Over Time in Adulthood.

How Long Can You Wait to Have a Baby?   This article discusses how the idea that a woman’s fertility decreases dramatically during her 30s is oversold and what the current statistics actually show.

How grading participating penalizes quiet learners.  I definitely received lower participation grades at times throughout my school years, and even heard a professor say that the quieter people in class were “weaker” students.

This article discusses how millennials’ version of being effective adults may look different than previous generations.

Ever felt obligated to interact? This article discusses how You Don’t Owe Anyone an Interaction.


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