Beginning Vision Therapy

Go here for more background on my vision issues.

My adventures in the land of sensory integration exercises continue.  I’ve now been doing the Intergrated Listening Systems program for over six weeks.  I’ve noticed that I’m adjusting more easily to the noise level in public places and my ability to filter has improved.

However, there have been other side effects that have thrown me for a loop.  In the past month, I have alternated between feeling like I could easily get dizzy and feeling pretty solid on my feet.   Then two Sundays ago, I spent the day mostly resting, as movement added to a consistent feeling of dizziness. When I danced in Nia class the following day, I had regained quite a bit of steadiness but still had a few moments of imbalance.  I also had a growing sense of unease – my vision seemed different and I couldn’t pinpoint what was going on exactly.  I definitely knew I was concentrating and straining my eyes more, especially while driving.

When I went to my occupational therapy session last Friday, we decided to start vision therapy.  When my OT moved her hands quickly, I quickly looked away. It definitely seemed too fast, too much.  She said,  “My hunch is that your vestibular and auditory systems are integrating more, and your visual system isn’t keeping up.”

This past Wednesday, after doing eye exercises in my session, I looked at the homework sheet.  For a second, I saw double.  I closed my eyes and shook my head; when I opened them it went back to being one piece of paper sitting on a table.

This past week, I’ve gotten tired more easily and have taken more naps.  Today, the muscles around my eyes are still slightly sore.   At moments, it’s taken longer to focus on or process something.  It’s kind of like, “I’m sorry, my brain is trying to rewire itself and learn where my eyes are actually pointing.”

As I begin this process, I am reminding myself to be patient.  I may be more tired and irritable at times.  I may become even more aware of my vision and other sensory issues.  I may also discover what it’s like to see the world in a new way.

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  1. I hope you find what works. I am learning a lot from your blog about SPD. XX


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