Friday link roundup 1/22

What is the ideal length for a nap?  This article gives suggestions based on different benefits.

For Star Wars fans:  Carrie Fisher interviews Daisy Ridley.  This interview was from the fall, and I was still excited to find it.

Doula support for pregnant women could improve care and reduce costs.

For Harry Potter and Alan Rickman fans:  someone put together the important scenes from the 8 Harry Potter films that include Professor Severus Snape.

How big Spiderman’s feet would really need to be to support scaling walls and skyscrapers.

50 Revealing Questions (that aren’t too deep) that might be good to ask on a date – or for icebreaker activities – to avoid small talk.

I’ve definitely seen a meditation room in an airport, but not a yoga room.  These airports have yoga rooms.


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