Post Nia-learning session reflections

I’m tired.

I spent two hours today in a learning session with four other Nia teachers in my community:  two Blue Belts and two Black Belts.  We’re learning a new routine together that we’ll later teach at a community dance jam in February.  We each took a song (and its choreography) to demonstrate to the others.

I spent a little time before almost frozen with anxiety, although I knew logically that there were no real threats here.  My nervous system put up an alarm, and I breathed through it, distracted myself slightly, and got myself there.

It went fairly well overall.  I lost the beat during part of my song but everyone was fairly rough in the learning process, too.  And what’s important:  I did it.  It was also sweet to watch the other teachers interact and bond, and to be part of that.


My body says:  There is some stiffness, some spots of near-soreness, but mostly there is a feeling of post-movement use and strengthening.  Eyes are a little heavy, edges of a nap still lingering. Some tightness in the forehead. I used a lot of energy.

My mind says:  How did that go?  What did I think of that?  Was that worth it?  Maybe I’m okay.  Maybe I should just hide out here for awhile.

My heart says:  I feel vulnerable.  That felt very exposing.  I hadn’t done this before, and I’ve been cautious about taking risks for awhile, especially around other people.  It’s worth it, in the midst of fears and hopes, mistakes and wins and everything…

My spirit says:  I want to continue to dance.


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