Why I love Little Free Libraries

I love the concept of little free libraries.  I first saw one in San Diego in 2014, and when I came back to Albuquerque, I discovered several in town.  Now, there are three within a mile of my house.  Little Free Libraries house books in shelved structures that remind me somewhat of oversized birdhouses.  I’ve seen ones at parks and at the edges of people’s yards.

little free library 1

A few reasons why I personally love little free libraries:

It’s great to have a place to discard books that I no longer need, and to get and read used books.  It’s a type of recycling.

I find books I might not have picked up at the public library.  People’s tastes vary, and the selection is much more random.

little free library 3

There’s something very communal and connected about it:  the local neighborhood is sharing resources.

Visiting the little free libraries in my area requires going outside.  It’s nice to take a walk and stop to browse books in the process.

The Little Free Library movement promotes literacy and love of reading.

The books are FREE.  Books make me happy.  Need I say more?

little free library 2

For more information on little free libraries or to find one near you, go to http://littlefreelibrary.org/.


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