Sensory gifts

As I continue to realize how much my sensory processing issues have affected me throughout my life, I acknowledge that it’s easy to fall into thinking how they have challenged and limited me. I recognize that these issues and experiences bring both gifts and challenges.  I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some of the gifts:

  • The incredible delight I can feel when my fiancé touches me, the way simple sensations can be exquisitely amplified.
  • The way music feels when I can concentrate on it and allow all my senses to come alive, as though every instrument is stroking me softly.
  • I love how I appreciate soft textures, how touching certain fabrics can soothe me.
  • Tasting something delicious can feel like a whole body experience.
  • I feel deeply and have a high level of empathy and energetic sensitivity.
  • When I retreat to restore my energy, I enjoy my own company.
  • I appreciate my rich and intricate inner world.
  • My sensitivities deepen my creative process as an artist and a writer.
  • I have developed excellent self-care skills.
  • I have gained incredible strength and insight in finding how to approach my life in ways that work for me.

I am sure there are more.  What gifts does something that challenges you bring you?

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