Sorting through

I’m slowly making a dent in sorting through my boxes in the garage.  I try to limit my sorting time – the process can be intense because there are so many memories attached to many of the items. I haven’t seen many of these items since my mom and I packed up when I was in the process of leaving San Diego in June 2014.  At that time, I felt like I was hanging on by a thread slightly above rock bottom.

It’s definitely a process of letting go, of deciding what to hold onto. Recycle, throw away, repurpose, give away, keep. I see how easy it is to hold onto things, as though there’s a string between some of the items and my heart. There are things worth keeping. And there are definitely things I no longer need.

I’ve found poems I wrote a few years ago, and beautiful artwork I created.  I made all of these things for the purpose of growing and healing.  The beauty and the vulnerability struck me, as though it hit me in my solar plexus and left me momentarily winded.  As I sort through items from my past, I remember. The nostalgia stands alongside the grief, memories of love and connection exist alongside the painful ones.

I’ll definitely share and post some of what I find in my sorting process. For this one, I took out a stanza that seemed to belong to another poem and took out a word or two, but it’s mostly as it was when I first wrote it in 2013.

shadows dancing
circles growing
life building
textures moving
this place
here floating
bright I can’t describe

and then it all unfolds
I unfold
the twisting lines could obscure
but instead
become part.

I can’t stay here forever
but I can savor the flavor
the sense of winding through the wood
of broken wholeness here.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Lovely poem. Sorting through things and letting go is always therapeutic.


  2. I love this poem. It says so much. XX


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