“all she could do…”


Piece by Terri St. Cloud, Bone Sigh Arts

I first discovered Terri St. Cloud and Bone Sigh Arts when I found this piece in a small shop in Havre de Grace, Maryland – a small town at the edge of the Chesapeake Bay and the Susquehanna River –  in late 2006.   It immediately spoke to me and has been a steady reminder through the years.  I last saw it when I was packing and took it down from the wall in the house in San Diego, and rediscovered it when sorting through boxes yesterday.  Yes, the details in my life aren’t always pretty, but I’m definitely working towards making the whole beautiful.

Below is a picture of the message on the back of the print, the story of Bone Sigh Arts.  I find it inspiring: how she found creative outlets for her own pain, and in the process also inspired others to honor themselves.


As a reminder for myself, I have a bumper sticker from Bone Sigh Arts.  It helps distinguish my car from other silver-gray sedans, and it often makes me smile.image


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