I had to drive in rush hour traffic yesterday. It’s something I generally avoid unless I have specific plans. I drove out to meet my dad so we could go to a movie together. There was a lot of traffic and some unexpected road construction. Also, I woke up from a nap and had a fairly quick turn around to get ready and go – another factor that could potentially cause more tension and urgency and cause me to feel more discombobulated.

All in all, I got to my destination smoothly, even with some delays.

I told my dad afterward that it was stressful, but not distressing.

Then I repeated the words to myself. What? Really? Is that possible? There are several major sensory stimuli in there, ones that in the past or even another present circumstance might set my nerves on edge for awhile.

The experience didn’t cost too much energetically.

Stressful but not distressing.  I think something could be shifting.

I’m not going to ask what or how or try to count on everything being different from now on.  I’m going to savor this as a win.


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