Friday link roundup 3/4

These articles are about people with chronic illnesses, and I think they could apply to people with other disabilities and challenges as well:
When I hear “At Least It’s Not…”  
To Anyone Who Tells People with Chronic Illnesses to “Just Think Positively”

Reducing food waste:  in Denmark, there’s a new grocery store that sells expired food at a discount.

In May, a museum dedicated to broken relationships is opening.  You can even donate your own items from past breakups to it.  This museum is based on an original museum in Croatia.  “The idea is that couples who break up will donate to the museum the things that serve as painful reminders of their former lover instead of throwing them out or destroying them.”

Through studying DNA, scientists prove that Siberians and Native Americans are related.

From the Huffington Post:  It’s Time We Start Talking About Depression like the Common Illness That It Is.

A comic illustrates why we need Women’s History Month.


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