My silence…


My Silence, July 2013

My silence is:
an excuse
a buffer
not a statement
breaking down.
carrying weight.

My silence
yields to noise.
allows me to rest.
can be used as punctuation.
can be interpreted in so many ways.
has a beauty of its own.
sometimes feels so loud.
is not what it seems.

My silence
Chokes me.
Gives me a moment.
Prevents me from speaking
Gives me sanctuary
Can be gentle
Can be demanding and stifling,
awkward and restless.
Can be very present, too.

My silence:
masks my truth.
Cloaks me in illusions.
Makes it easy for others to project onto me.
Keeps me still
gives me more time.

My silence
Holds me.
Allows me to step back.
Cradles me.
Moves energy.
Feels strong and steady like a mountain or a tree.
Allows me to hear Spirit more clearly.


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