Friday link roundup 3/18

A school district in Canada is teaching children emotional regulation.

On feeling overwhelmed in the midst of depression.

A woman talks about voluntourism and short service trips to other countries – and argues that they might not make much of a positive impact.

An Afghan woman brings her art and feminist murals to the streets of Kabul.

The Real Reason I’m Losing Fat.  I found Jessi Kneeland’s article on her weight, body image, and emotional healing stunning on a number of levels.  I’ll include a few quotes here and allow you to read for yourself:  “My mom told me that my only job was to let myself feel all that sad. She told me to add “be very sadto my to-do list every day until I no longer needed it.”
“It’s all beautiful, natural, normal, and appropriate for you right now. That’s true when you have soft belly rolls, true when you’re totally jacked, and true when you’re light and lean. All reflect the ebb and flow of life. And none of it determines your worth, because your worth is intrinsic.”


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